Word from the Chairman


Having grown up in Zanzibar, Tanzania, I have always considered Africa as my home.

While working for an oil trading multinational in Europe for twenty years, I had always dreamt of establishing a business in Africa that would empower people and fuel local entrepreneurship. In 1991, starting as a one-man outfit in a small French suburban office, I set up Galana, which is the name of a river that flows through Kenya.

With a focused vision and with the dedication of an extraordinary team of individuals, I am proud to have witnessed the establishment of our Group as a leading oil company in Africa, with activities in trading, midstream, downstream, and port facilities.

Along the years, the Group has successfully built long-term partnerships with key refiners, strategic banks, and a diverse pool of customers and receivers. Galana prides itself in building win/win relationships within and beyond the scope of its niche oil trading activities.

As our Group’s Purpose highlights, Galana is committed to supporting and empowering African entrepreneurs to establish thriving oil ventures that contribute to the local economies and improve people’s lives.

At the core of Galana lies an entrepreneurial spirit that drives each and every strategic initiative, oil deal, shipping requirement, operational decision, as well as the actions of the company’s stakeholders.

We are one team, striving to create value for each and every member of our organization, by upholding a positive attitude and showing passion for what we do!

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